How To Get A Girlfriend

In this post, I’ll show you the best way to get a girlfriend, just follow the tips, and your relationship with girls will change completely.

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #1: Work On Your Confidence and Self-esteem

Let me tell you the truth, if you only have confidence, just confidence, you’ll have as many girlfriends as you want, having a girlfriend will be a piece of cake for you.

Confidence is what will make the girl attracted to you and fall in love with you, and the only purpose of the other things that you can do (which you will find here in this post and in other places in the web), is improving the quality of the relationship, but what will make you get a girlfriend from the first place is confidence.

So neglecting the most important thing, which is confidence, and trying to learn other things like “how to talk to a girl” or “how to dress” or “what to do in a specific situation”, is a bad strategy to succeed with women.

If you just have confidence, you can act as you want, speak as you want, and as long as you do that with confidence, you will still get girls to like you.

The best strategy to follow is building confidence first, by changing your beliefs about yourself, showing confidence in your body language and tone of voice, and practicing boldness.

To change your beliefs say positive affirmations about yourself every day, you can start with these: “Getting a girlfriend is easy for me – Every girl would want to be my girlfriend – I’m a valuable man – girls easily get attracted to me – I’m awesome”.

Avoid saying anything negative about yourself, when you find your self starting to entre that circle of self-criticism, stop it immediately, and say something positive instead.

Practice standing, walking and sitting like a confident person, your shoulders back, you head up, and your chest forward. walk like a king, with long steps, and slowly.

For speaking you don’t need a deep voice to seem confident, just make sure that you talk slowly, and that your voice can be heard clearly by people.

Maybe when you talk you feel afraid that someone will criticize what you are saying, so you talk quietly, stop doing that and express yourself freely, like if what you are saying is the most important thing in the world.

You don’t need to care about people’s opinions anymore, believe in yourself and f*ck the world.

After you have changed your beliefs, your body language, and tone of voice, now it’s time to face your fear, which is approaching women.

A man and his Girlfriend

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #2: Approach Girls

You don’t have to care about what to say, or the pick-up lines you should use because it is not about what you are saying, but the way you say it.

Just present yourself in any way, and say exactly what you approached her, don’t think too much, worrying and hesitating before doing something is the opposite of confidence, you don’t have to think at all, just do it.

You could get rejected, that’s for sure, especially if you don’t do that more often, but the goal here, in this phase, is not to not get rejected, but to learn how to approach women confidently and to accept rejection.

Once you get used to approaching women, and once rejection doesn’t make you feel bad anymore, your confidence will get much higher.

After you approach so many girls, it will get easier and easier, and girls will react to you better and better, and in the end, you will have many numbers to pick from.

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #3: Ask Her Out

Now, it’s time to ask her out. The mistake that most men do in this phase is asking girls out in a submissive, insecure and needy way, they are afraid to be dominant, so they say things of this sort “where do you want to go? what restaurant? where do you want to sit?”, and let the girl chose, keeping their opinions and personal preferences to themselves, to please the girl.

Instead of being the leaders, they let girls do all the decision-making, thinking that this is the best way to impress her, and worrying that if they were dominant, they will upset the girl, but that exactly the opposite.

Letting girls lead the relationship is the one thing that you should never do.

At least you should always participate in making-decisions, that means that you should always present you opinion and what you prefer, if she does not accept it, that’s ok, at least you showed that you have an independent opinion and you are not afraid to share it, you can both negotiate to pick the best decision, just remember to no let her do all the work.

The best thing you can do when you want to ask her out is to suggest a plan for the weekend, and ask her if that is suitable for her, more often than not, she will accept, in other cases, she will reject, and you have to work together to make a plan suitable for you both.

A man and his Girlfriend

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #4: Prepare Yourself For The Date

Make sure to take care of your hygiene, take a shower, brush your teeth, wear elegant clothes, have a good hair cut, and you can optionally wear some accessories, a watch maybe, if it will fit with your clothes, and put some perfume on to smell good.

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #5: Keep a Good Impression in Your First Date

Ask her many questions, to not just keep the conversation going, but also to know who she really is, behind her appearance, maybe you will find out that you have some commonalities, shared interests, or that she is not the right girlfriend for you.

Anyway, try to know as much as possible about her, if she seems interested or passionate about a certain topic, ask her more about it, but show that you are really listening and that you are really interested, make her feel important.

A successful first that will provide you with many golden pieces of information about her, which you could use to know her character and the best way to deal with her, and also know what she needs in her life, maybe it’s romance, adventure, understanding, sex, or whatever, and you could provide it to her.

Do not talk too much about yourself, keep the mystery, if she does not know you enough, that would open the door for imagination, she will fantasies about you and idealize you in her mind, she may also imagine that you are the answer to all her needs, and she will fall in love with you more easily.

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #6: Don’t be needy – Keep some emotional detachment

If you seem too emotional and easily falling in love with her in the first dates, she would see that as a sign of insecurity and hopelessness, she will think that you are so desperate and needy, and this will kill your chances to get a girlfriend.

You don’t have to be cold, show your interest, but not too much of it.

Follow this guide: never seems that you need her more than she needs you, she has to know without you said it directly that you are interested in her, or that you love her, but she has to know also that you have a life you are happy with and that can continue living your life without her at any time.

Have some dignity and self-respect, and show some emotional independence, show that you don’t need her to be happy, but she is the person who needs you.

Your life is better with her, but you can easily find another girl who will be happy to be your girlfriend.

Getting a Girlfriend Tip #7: Move For The Kill

A point will come, when she is completely in love with you, you will know that from her body language and tone of voice, from the way she talks and behaves around you.

You don’t have to ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend, just kiss her when you are alone, or you can take her home, find a reason to do that, then move for the kill, don’t hesitate, act fast and bravely, any fear or anxiety at this phase is completely unnecessary and will only show insecurity.

That’s it, I hope you benefited from the tips, and I’ll see you in the upcoming posts 🙂


My name is Yassine and I am the owner of this blog. I am passionate about self-development and I aspire to use my knowledge to help other people develop their personality, their life, and become their best version.

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